Feng Shui Your Garden

The Feng Shui garden is inspired by thousands of years of Chinese culture. Feng Shui is all about energy.

Placement of certain borders, shapes and objects are critical to balance the overall feel of your garden

It is also important to harness certain types of energy that you want and deflect the energy that you don’t want.

Now your Garden can harness the energy and maintain strength with the correct balance. Feng Shui Gardens also look great and extremely stylised with a cultural theme that is comes from thousands of years of culture.

  • Using Feng Shui to create new visual elements in your garden.
  • Using dark and light areas to enchance balance.
  • We are able to transform your garden into a garden of Eden.
  • From water features to rock gardens.
  • With planning, research and using quality plants we can create a garden makeover miracle.